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 ( TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR OUR VISITORS WE CHANGED OUR URL INTO  how ever you can still visit us on our old url)
Welcome to Hackworld, if you are looking for sttuff that will help you crack emails and stop accounts. Then you are in the right place. the software we list on our site is not illegal, however its not that innocent.
          Free Hacking awaits you.....  


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Make sure to send me your opinions on our software. Have Fun.....

Hackworld at your service, founders:  Mazen, Moody,Ziad,,Bashir ( Best Of luck to Bashir, we're gonna miss u)

All the software listed on the site are tried and work perfectly, not like the other junk you get in other sites.


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Thank you for visiting this site, enjoy!
Thanks to Moody and Ziad for the content.


Hackworld....simply the best